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“Kelly has proven herself to be an invaluable resource for Talaris. She specs work *very* fast & is very intuitive & brand-conscious, enabling her to create great content with very little creative direction that fits in with our corporate branding guidelines. Needless to say, these are rare qualities amongst designers, & I intend to hire her again very soon!”

“Kelly is a great graphic designer & very easy to work with. She always has a fresh approach to design & great attention to detail. I enjoyed working with her in the past & hope to in the future. She would be the first person I'd want to hire.”

“Green Freckle was recommended to me by a family member who has worked with Kelly before - & it was a great referral! She has helped us put together a great new sales piece (catalog/brochure) to help us sell & create awareness. Her and her colleague Ryan were great to work with & they bring a fresh, modern look to their B2B materials. They listened to us every step of the way & brought some great ideas to the table through the process.”

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Green Freckle is a collaborative advertising and communications design firm based in the suburbs of Chicago. New in name, but not in experience, Green Freckle was created as an efficient alternative to the larger, traditional ad agencies — to provide the same services that they offer, but without their rigidly defined work processes. Green Freckle proves that having the right people makes it reasonable — and possible — to work in a way that delivers your message effectively, inexpensively and on time.

We’re pros with brand standards. We respect the limits of corporate identities and know the needs of in-house marketing departments. Most importantly, we’re responsive — offering you quick project turnaround — and go about our work with an enthusiasm and passion for excellence you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere. We’re “no excuses” creative people. Give us a call. See what we're all about.

Let us make your job easier.

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our process get in done

Decide what issue you are trying to resolve. Agree on who the audience is. Prioritize this project in terms of urgency. Determine what will make this project successful. Establish a glossary of terms.

Review the history of the issue; remember any existing obstacles. Collect examples of other attempts to solve the same issue. Note the project supporters, investors, and critics. Talk to your end-users, that brings you the most fruitful ideas for later design. Take into account thought leaders' opinions.

Identify the needs and motivations of your end-users. Generate as many ideas as possible to serve these identified needs. Log your brainstorming session. Do not judge or debate ideas. During brainstorming, have one conversation at a time.

Combine, expand, and refine ideas. Create multiple drafts. Seek feedback from a diverse group of people, include your end users. Present a selection of ideas to the client. Reserve judgment and maintain neutrality. Create and present actual working prototype(s).

Review the objective. Set aside emotion and ownership of ideas. Avoid consensus thinking. Remember: the most practical solution isn't always the best. Select the powerful ideas.

Make task descriptions. Plan tasks. Determine resources. Assign tasks. Execute. Deliver to client.

Gather feedback from the consumer. Determine if the solution met its goals. Discuss what could be improved. Measure success; collect data. Document.

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